WA unemployment rate up – We can’t afford Grylls anti-jobs mining tax

Today’s unemployment figures show WA simply cannot afford the job losses that will come with Brendon Grylls’ new mining tax.

Chamber of Minerals and Energy Chief Executive, Mr Reg Howard-Smith, said it had been clearly shown that the Grylls tax would cost 3,400 WA jobs, harm local investment and result in even more of WA’s GST going to the eastern states.

“Today’s unemployment figures show that there are a lot of Western Australians who are struggling because they don’t have a job,” Mr Howard-Smith said.

“Brendon Grylls’ mining tax will make that situation even worse. There is no doubt that if this tax is put in place there will be job losses and less investment.

“The last thing people working in our mining sector want is to have uncertainty about their jobs hanging over their heads over the Christmas period due to a ridiculous, reckless tax proposal by the WA Nationals.

“Brendon Grylls should do the responsible thing and drop this job-destroying mining tax and remove some of the uncertainty over jobs that it is creating.”