Which Grylls’ statement do we believe on GST floor?

Brendon Grylls must come clean on comments he has made around the fact that WA will lose even more of its GST share to the eastern states as a result of his mining tax.

On 6PR radio yesterday, Mr Grylls pointed to a commitment by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to put a floor on GST in place as the saving grace which would counter the GST drain stemming from his job-destroying mining tax. He said:

“Remember Malcolm Turnbull promised to put a floor under the GST.  If he did that, Western Australia’s share of the GST would fundamentally change, our budget will be stabilised and Western Australia wouldn't be borrowing money to pay the teachers and nurses, so we should all hold Malcolm Turnbull to account for that.” 6PR, 14 December 2016

However, in late October this year Mr Grylls said of the Prime Minister’s plan:

“Malcolm Turnbull promised a floor in the GST then put any change out too far for it to be of any use to WA,” Mr Grylls said.

“It appears that Brendon Grylls will say and do whatever it takes to push this job-destroying mining tax for his own political reasons even if it means contradicting himself,” Mr Howard Smith said.

“Which point does Brendon Grylls actually believe? He can’t have it both ways. Is the Prime Minister’s plan as it stands the only thing that stands between WA getting further dudded on GST as a result of his mining tax or is it not? How can we trust what he says?

“Regardless, the fact that Brendon Grylls is pushing for a tax that will cost WA jobs and GST without any certainty that the system that creates that problem is fixed is totally irresponsible.

“Brendon Grylls and his WA Nationals are literally gambling with people’s jobs.”