Three strikes – Brendon Grylls’ anti-WA tax should be thrown out

Brendon Grylls’ new mining tax must be scrapped, with a third expert organisation confirming WA would lose jobs and an even greater share of its GST would be lost to the eastern states as a result.

Chamber of Minerals and Energy Chief Executive, Mr Reg Howard-Smith, said today’s condemnation of the tax by PwC again showed it was irresponsible for Brendon Grylls to try to implement the tax under false pretenses when the truth was jobs were at risk.

“The expert evidence is mounting and the time has now come for Brendon Grylls to drop his anti-WA mining tax and remove some of the uncertainty for WA families and businesses. In tough economic times, a mining tax that increases the risk of jobs losses is not something people need,” Mr Howard-Smith said.

“Assessments from the Federal Resource Minister’s Government bureaucrats, Deloitte Access Economics and now PriceWaterhouse Coopers* all come to the same conclusion – Brendon Grylls’ tax will cost thousands of WA jobs and we will lose an even greater share our GST to the eastern states.

“These are the assessments and views of experts in this area - bureaucrats that help run the country and organisations that advise governments and businesses on economic matters. They are putting their expert analysis out and stake their reputation on their work.

“For Brendon Grylls to ignore the mounting evidence that the WA Nationals’ plan will cost jobs and damage WA is highly irresponsible and shows he is happy to push WA families and businesses in front of the bus to try and ensure he gets what he wants politically.

“If he doesn’t drop the tax in the face of the mounting expert evidence, Brendon Grylls must clearly explain why his understanding of economics is better than that of the experts in the field who advise governments throughout the world, including his own WA State Government.

“There is a reason that his Nationals colleagues including his Federal Nationals leader, Barnaby Joyce and Federal Matt Canavan have opposed the mining tax and distanced themselves from Brendon Grylls on the issue. They know this is an anti-WA mining tax that will cost jobs and investment.”

*Federal Bureaucrats assessment

*Deloitte Access Economics assessment

*PwC comment