WA Resources industry assesses the switch to LNG

Western Australian-based gas producers, end users, equipment manufacturers and mining services companies attended a workshop today to discuss the possibility of industry’s transition from diesel as a fuel source to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

The workshop, facilitated by the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME) in partnership with BHP and Woodside, canvassed industry views on the opportunities and challenges in switching to LNG.

CME Deputy Chief Executive Nicole Roocke said the WA resources sector was a significant user of imported diesel as a fuel source for transport and power generation, but LNG provided a local, low-emissions alternative.

“Miners and gas producers are already working together to enable the use of LNG as a shipping fuel on busy trade routes to Asia,” Ms Roocke said.

“Around the world, the shift to LNG marine fuelling is gaining momentum ahead of tightening international restrictions on sulphur emissions from ocean-going vessels, particularly as the use of LNG significantly reduces harmful diesel particulates.

“In the USA, LNG is already being used as a fuel in locomotives and trucks and this technology will soon be available in Australia.

“The Pilbara is well-placed to transition to LNG fuelling with the world’s leading miners operating right next door to gas producers, making LNG a viable alternative fuel for transport and power generation.”

Ms Roocke said the successful transition from diesel to LNG would require a joint effort by industry and government.