Toxic tax must go as Newspoll shows lack of support for Grylls’ anti-jobs mining tax

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy has called on the WA Nationals to drop its job-destroying mining tax in light of Newspoll figures released today which confirm the majority of Western Australians do not support the tax.

The Newspoll, published in today’s The Australian, showed almost 50 per cent of voters opposed the Grylls’ tax plan while only 36 per cent of people supported it.

Chamber of Minerals and Energy Chief Executive, Mr Reg Howard-Smith, said today’s poll was the latest set of research to highlight the lack of support for the job-destroying tax. Last month polling by the West Australian newspaper showed support for the anti-WA Grylls mining tax was only 34.8 per cent, down from almost 50 per cent in September last year.

Mr Howard-Smith, said the opposition to the tax by real people working in the mining industry was strong as people understood the tax would harm families and businesses throughout the state.

The facts are clear:

  1. Most of the extra revenue raised by the tax will be sucked off to the eastern states because of the GST and in the end WA will be no better off.
  2. Independent economic consultancy Deloittes has said the iron ore tax will mean 7,000 job losses including 3,400 in WA - 2,800 of those in the Pilbara.
  3. The Nationals’ mining tax will make Western Australia uncompetitive at a time when we need more investment, more projects and new jobs, not more taxes.
  4. The iron ore taxes and royalties paid by BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto average $19 per tonne - not the 25 cents per tonne claimed by the leader of the National Party.

“Western Australian families and businesses are smart and understand that when mining does well WA does well. It means more jobs, business opportunities and investment for WA so we all benefit. We should not put that at risk with a new job destroying tax,” Mr Reg Howard-Smith, said.

“While some attack companies for their success most people understand that success benefits the WA economy and creates more work for locally owned small and medium businesses in the state.

“A new tax on WA mining will make job losses worse when prices come down as everyone knows they will.”