WA Nationals must submit policies to WA Treasury for independent assessment

The WA Nationals must submit its election policies, particularly its mining tax plan, to WA Treasury to enable the community to see the real impacts of its commitments prior to election day.

Chamber of Minerals and Energy Chief Executive, Mr Reg Howard-Smith, said the WA Nationals had announced policies which would potentially have a significant negative impact on the medium and long term prosperity of the State and, as such, there was a duty to allow the policies to be openly scrutinised.

“The WA Nationals have made major policy announcements, like a new iron ore tax and payroll taxes changes, while only releasing the most rudimentary of back-room sums to justify the proposals,” Mr Howard-Smith said.

“Frankly, this is not good enough and does not stack up, particularly when several economic experts are saying key policies like the mining tax and payroll changes will damage the economy or are unworkable.

“The WA Nationals are using their mining tax plan as a bottomless pit of cash and treating the Pilbara as its own ATM. Expert analysis has shown the tax will cost WA jobs, GST and investment into the state and the Pilbara will bear the brunt of the pain.

“If Brendon Grylls wants to be taken seriously he needs to be transparent and have his policies scrutinised by the independent WA Treasury and let the results speak for themselves.

“If he refuses, people are rightly entitled to wonder what he is trying to hide.”