CME welcomes the release of the Port Hedland Dust Management Report

A report into dust management at Port Hedland paves the way for government, industry and the community to move forward together to act in the best interests of the long-term future of the region, according to The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME).

The report was released today by Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan and recommends land use planning measures and risk-based regulation to continue managing dust emissions from all sources in the region.

CME chief executive officer Reg Howard-Smith said the report’s recommendations balanced the significant economic contribution of the Port and its potential for growth with the interests of the community.

“Importantly, the report clearly highlights the crucial role of sound land-use planning by recommending a Special Control Area be established to prevent new residential dwellings and population growth immediately adjacent to the world’s largest export facility,” he said.

“It is also pleasing to see industry’s significant dust management improvements have been recognised. These efforts have allowed iron ore exports to nearly treble over the past seven years while air quality in the region has in fact improved.

“More than 3000 people are directly employed at the Port, 500 million tonnes of material were exported through Port Hedland last financial year and the Port is a vital asset for the State’s $54B iron ore industry. This clear set of recommendations will allow both the Port and the community to prosper well into the future.”