CMEWA Inc - Land Access


Within the Land Access Portfolio CME is focused on the following strategies to deliver the industry's vision:

  • More efficient government processes for obtaining access to land for exploration, development and infrastructure purposes.
  • Government processes are streamlined, transparent and simplified, reducing regulatory burden.
  • Efficient and effective heritage and native title frameworks.
  • Enhanced opportunities for integrated land use arrangements
  • Highly competent and responsive government agencies
  • Government policy increases the attractiveness of WA a destination for investment
  • Community engagement informs decision making on industry wide issues

Projects and Issues 

  • Mining Act amendments
  • Rangelands Reform Program
  • Principles based preferred model for strategic land use planning
  • Native Title and Aboriginal Heritage Working Group
  • Land Use Planning Working Group
  • Policy position on native title and Aboriginal heritage
  • State and Federal heritage Acts
  • Legislative and administrative reforms on Aboriginal heritage
  • Native Title Act amendments
  • Kimberley National Heritage listing
  • Case studies of industry successfully coexisting with other land users
  • Industry and private land access factsheet


The Land Access Committee is tasked with leading policy development on issues such as exploration, project approvals, heritage and native title, and land use arrangements. The Land Access Committee is chaired by Mr Al Coutts of Xstrata Nickel. 

The Native Title and Aboriginal Heritage Working Group is tasked with developing a CME policy position on native title and Aboriginal heritage, reviewing Aboriginal heritage principles and leading industry input into government reforms on native title and Aboriginal heritage. The Working Group reports to the Land Access Committee.

The Land Use Planning Working Group is responsible for providing member input into policy development on land use planning and identifying emerging issues related to land use planning.

CME is represented on the Department of Mines and Petroleum Mining Industry Liaison Committee (MILC) and the Department of Indigenous Affairs' Aboriginal Heritage and Native Title Industry Liaison Committee (AHNTILC). 





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