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Within the Environment Portfolio CME is focused on the following strategies to deliver the industry’s vision:

Natural Resources

  • The industry contributes to biodiversity knowledge, conservation and rehabilitation.
  • Effective management of environmental impact.

Infrastructure and Planning

  • Legislation is enacted which formalises risk management principles.
  • Government processes are streamlined, transparent and simplified, reducing regulatory burden. 


  • State policy settings are consistent with broader agreed international and national settings.
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from development of low emission technology.
  • Development of adaptive responses to climate change.


  • Community engagement informs decision making on industry-wide issues.

Projects and Issues

  • Streamlining of state and federal environmental approvals process (‘one-stop-shop’)
  • Implementation of the Mine Rehabilitation Fund
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation policy
  • Environmental offset policy
  • Establishing a Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute
  • Sustainable development principles
  • Carbon policy, climate change and energy efficiency.


The Environment Committee is tasked with leading policy development on environmental issues impacting the resources sector. 

The Environment Committee is chaired by Mr Simon Butterworth, Alcoa of Australia Ltd.

Working Groups
The Environment Committee is supported by the following working groups:

  • Approvals Working Group - identify opportunities to streamline state and federal environmental approvals processes.
  • Mine Securities Working Group - input into the establishment of the Mine Rehabilitation Fund which replaces environmental bonds as mine closure financial surety. 
  • Secondary and Tertiary Approvals Working Group - a tasked working group to develop recommendations to streamline secondary and tertiary approvals and engage with state government to promote reform. 
  • Carbon Policy and Energy Efficiency Reference Group - input into CME policy development and advocacy on federal and state carbon and climate change policies and legislation
  • NGO and Industry Environment Forum - a forum to identify strategic environmental issues related to the resources sector and conservation groups with a view to achieving mutually agreed tangible outcomes.
  • Goldfields Environment Forum - a CME member forum for environmental management issues in the Goldfields region.
  • South West Environment Forum - a CME member forum for environmental management issues in the South West region.

External Groups
The Environment Committee provides guidance on CME’s participation on a number of external groups:

  • Department of Mines and Petroleum’s Reforming Environmental Regulations Advisory Panel
  • EPA Stakeholder Reference Group
  • DER - Industry Regulation Stakeholder Reference Group
  • WA Biodiversity Science Institute – Steering Group. 


Submission to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act draft assessment bilateral agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and Western Australia




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