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Within the Economics & Tax Portfolio, CME is focused on the following strategies to deliver the industry's vision:

  • Coordination between the responsibilities of government, industry and community in the provisions of social and physical infrastructure
  • Legislation is enacted which formalises risk management principles
  • Government processes are streamlined, transparent and simplified, reducing regulatory burden
  • Highly competent and responsive government agencies
  • Government policy increases the attractiveness of WA as a destination for investment
  • An efficient and cost effective national emissions trading scheme that does not harm the international competitiveness of WA as a destination for investment.
  • State policy settings are consistent with broader agreed international and national settings.

Projects and Issues

Following is a list of key projects being developed by the Economics & Tax Committee:

  1. Continue to advocate for a carbon pricing mechanism that promotes the abatement of greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest cost, while minimising adverse social and economic impacts, including on the international competitiveness of the sector.
  2. Ongoing advocacy to minimise the impact of the MRRT on the iron ore and coal sectors.
  3. Quarterly resources and economics report to provide members with comprehensive overviews of the health of the WA resource industry using a range of lead and lag indicators.
  4. Ongoing reviews and submissions to the State and Federal government budget processes.
  5. Develop a body of work to assist advocacy activities on two key topics:
    • Scenario analysis on WA economic outlook.
    • Overview of resource industry economic contribution to WA.
  6. Represent member interests on a range of other matters including royalty rates, local content policy and local government ratings.


The Economics & Tax Standing Committee is tasked with leading policy development on taxation and economic issues impacting the resources sector.

The Committee is Chaired by Jason Cooke of Minara Resources Limited.





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