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The South West is an established and diverse resources province stretching from the metropolitan area to Albany. There are more than 20 mining operations in the region. Commodities produced in the South West include alumina, coal for power generation, gold, heavy mineral sands, tin, tantalite and spodumene. As home to the State's premier industrial area, the South West is also a key resource processing area

Alumina is the most valuable commodity produced in the region, worth $4.9 billion. There are four alumina refineries in the South West which are among the largest and most efficient in the world. They are supplied by nearby bauxite mines, including Alcoa’s Huntly mine, the largest in the world.
Other commodities produced in the South West include coal for domestic power generation, heavy mineral sands, tantalite, spodumene and tin.

While the South West is a mature mining region, it is regarded as having the potential for 13 types of metal deposits, five types of industrial minerals and three types of energy resource deposits.

The resources sector in the South West, particularly alumina and power generation, is highly dependent on gas delivered by the Dampier Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline. New projects are dependent on significant capacity expansions which are currently underway.

Mining remains one of the most productive uses of land in the region, but the proportion of land disturbed by mining in the South West is extremely small. The area of land currently in use for mining is estimated to be less than 10,000 hectares, or under 1 per cent of the region’s total land area.

CME in the South West

Within the South West Region CME is focussed on the following strategies to deliver the industry’s vision:

  • Infrastructure and Planning – An industry-government infrastructure plan for state and regional development 
  • Infrastructure and Planning – Coordination between the responsibilities of government, industry and community in the provisions of social and physical infrastructure 
  • Communities – Community engagement inform decision making on industry issues
  • Communities – Contribute to community development

Projects & Issues 

  • Examination of infrastructure gaps and bottlenecks relating to the South West resources sector. 
  • Development of a document that details the community contributions of South West resources companies. 
  • Mine Emergency Response Competitions.

Regional Council

The South West Regional Council is chaired by Mr Bill Knight of Alcoa. 

Statistics courtesy of the Department of Mines and Petroleum



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