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The Mid West region for CME includes the Gascoyne and covers a total area of 610,000km2 with 22 local government jurisdictions.

The region contributed over $3b to the economy in 2012/13. The resource sector has a key role in the future development of the area and will continue to act as a vital source of economic stimulus and a catalyst for regional growth.

Gold was the region's most valuable product in 2012/13 with a total sales value over $965m, iron ore sat at $832 million and copper, lead and zinc at over $746m.

Resources producers in the region include Iluka (mineral sands), MMG Golden Grove (copper, zinc), Ramelius Resources (gold), Sinosteel Midwest, Karara and Mount Gibson (iron ore) and Doray (gold).

The Mid West is also likely to see uranium produced by Toro Energy in 2016 and has an emerging shale and tight gas sector that is currently in the proof of concept stage.

CME publishes a regional stakeholder newsletter on a regular basis. Click here to read more.

Economic contributions through salaries and wages, payments of taxes and royalties to governments and through the support of local suppliers, contractors and other businesses have a huge positive impact locally, regionally and nationally. Between June 2008 and July 2012, the Karara project spent over $220m in the Mid West and employed 296 local businesses.

Within the Mid West CME is focused on the following strategies to deliver the industry’s vision:

  • An industry-government infrastructure plan for state and regional development
  • Coordination between the responsibilities of government, industry and community in the provisions of social and physical infrastructure
  • Contributing to community development and effective community engagement
  • Ensuring education and training systems are responsive to industry needs
  • Increasing the size of the skilled labour pool
  • Access to efficient, secure and cost effective energy and power generation.


  • Evidence gathering from stakeholders on their perceptions of the industry
  • Participation in community engagement forums
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Membership of the Mid West Development Commission’s Infrastructure Planning Committee
  • Membership of the Mid West Industry Road Safety Alliance
  • Membership of the Mid West Workforce Development Alliance 
  • Participating on the Mid West Regional Planning Committee
  • Working with regional education providers to align and coordinate programs and support careers events
  • Improving communication between industry and stakeholders


  • Infrastructure barriers to future resource developments: including capacity at Geraldton Port, Oakajee Narngulu Infrastructure Corridor, regional roads, Geraldton bypass, Mid West Electricity Project stage 2 and publication of the region’s water supply strategy.
  • Workforce perception surrounding industry in transition to operations.
  • Radio quiet regulations in the Murchison

Regional Council

CME’s 2014 Mid West Regional Council is chaired by Scott Whitehead, Sinosteel Midwest Corporation.




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