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The Kimberley region can be defined by the four local government areas; The Shires of Broome, Derby-West Kimberley, Halls Creek and Wyndham-East Kimberley.

The resources sector is the most significant contributor to the region’s economy. In 2012/2013, the value of the resource sector in the Kimberley region was $1.12 billion. Other industries such as tourism, retail, agriculture and aquaculture are other important contributors to the Gross Regional Product.

However the Kimberley region has still vast undeveloped resources including rare earths, bauxite, coal, gold, iron ore and natural gas.

Engaging with communities and contributing towards community development is not only the right thing for resources companies to do, it also makes business sense. The resources sector across Western Australia places great emphasis on providing real benefits and outcomes for indigenous Australians. To showcase the commitment by members of the Kimberley Regional Council, CME has developed a number of case studies which highlight the continuing investment made by individual companies across the region.

The region also accounts for all of Western Australia’s diamond production and produces around 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds. Kimberley operations in 2012/2013 contributed approximately $10.8 million in state royalties and provided full-time jobs for almost 1,900 people. This figure is expected to grow rapidly over the coming years with unprecedented resources sector investment.

Kimberley Regional Council

CME member companies participating in the Kimberley Regional Council (KRC) include:

  • Shell Development Australia
  • Northern Minerals
  • Rio Tinto (Argyle Diamonds)
  • Woodside Energy
  • Panoramic Resources
  • Mount Gibson Iron
  • Kimberley Diamond Company
  • Paladin Energy
  • Rey Resources
  • Jebsens Coastal Shipping Services
  • Skill Hire
  • Northern Star Resources
  • Toro Energy Limited. 

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  • William (Chub) Witham
    Manager Kimberley and North West
    Phone: + 61 8 9220 8500

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