CMEWA Inc - Why Join?


CME membership provides:

  • Representation and advocacy at regional and state levels with strong national links
  • Programs providing opportunities for sharing on common issues
  • Advice and support on industry issues and access to CME initiatives aimed at managing those issues
  • Events and activities providing networking opportunities with key decision makers in mining and resource companies
  • Access to publications and guidelines on industry best practice, research and statistical information
  • Regular information service on issues affecting the resource sector
  • Opportunity to provide input into CME advocacy and shape the collective voice of the industry
CME membership is divided into two groups:

Ordinary Membership

There are six discrete membership categories within the Ordinary group:
  • Mineral Production – open to companies which are directly engaged in the production and/or processing of minerals
  • Oil and Gas Processing and Downstream Processing – open to companies which are directly engaged in the production and downstream processing of oil and gas
  • Contractor – open to companies providing contracting services to the resources sector
  • Energy Generation and Distribution – open to companies which are directly engaged in the transmission and distribution of energy
  • Exploration – open to companies which are involved in mineral exploration activities
  • Project Development – open to companies planning and/or developing a project in the resources sector

Associate Membership

There are two discrete categories within the Associate group:
  • Service Associate – open to companies providing goods and services to the resources sector
  • Industry Associate – open to companies which have a connection with the resources sector, but not a sufficient connection to become Ordinary members

Subscriptions for membership are payable on a calendar year basis and are determined by the Executive Council of CME following endorsement of an annual operating plan and budget.

Visit the Apply to Join page to request a membership kit or for further information.



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